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EMP is an engagement design which harnesses employee self-interest to unlock organizational benefits of innovation and business growth. As a concept, it means that the organisation is akin to a marketplace of ideas and shared benefits for both employees and enterprise. As a Leadership engagement model, ‘Employee Marketplace” underscores the role of talents in achieving workplace innovation and business growth. 

The foundational principles of EMP are Communication, Collaboration and Community. This simply means that every organization must strive to enable these three capabilities in order to achieve innovation and business growth. This is distinct from the traditional workplace engagement model which thrives on carrot and stick proposition to motivate employee loyalty, productivity and longevity. For instance, EMP considers hard work as a routine activity that enables the employee to retain his job, but offers little competitive value in the digital age of innovation 

Three 3CS simply mean Communication, Collaboration and Community. Communication means a shared understanding of oral expressions, body language and the grapevine. Collaboration means breaking the barriers of generational differences to build interdependency amongst the three dominant generations. Community explores the relational values of empathy, compassion, patience and such values that enhance self-worth and employee contribution to business growth. This is beyond creating individualized networks which the social media offers. 

EMP operates at the intersection of Communications, Human resources and organizational psychology. It’s essentially not about disciplines and subjects it’s about having an informed understanding that the new workplace is dominated by a generation who are global in outlook, who desire self-autonomy, and are not beholden to vertical authority to get things done

Yes there seem to be some form of hostility amongst these two generations who incidentally are products of different experiences, attitudes and expectations. For instance the Gen X represents the organizational man who believes the corporate vision drives corporate identity. The millennials on the other hand believes in co-creation. In this circumstance, EMP strives to promote intergenerational workplace wherein the emotional intelligence and digital smartness of both generations are combined to enhance innovation and business growth. 

Afrilenials are simply the millennials resident in Africa. On account of their environmental and socio economic peculiarities they exhibit both common traits and differences when compared to the millennials of the western world. The Afrilenials though products of the digital age are however victims of scarcity of resources, state corruption and in some cases perverted parenting. 

EMP is the new playbook of employee engagement in the millennium age. Its uniqueness lies in acknowledging that the employee is not a mere statistical workforce but an intrapreneur who believes in his ability to change the world; hence sees the employer as a partner in the pursuit of shared interests.

Yes. EMP is not a model exclusive to the millennial; instead it is simply a response to challenges and opportunities of the fourth Industrial revolution. The same way employee engagement has evolved from the 1970s when the focus was on identifying the value of employee to company bottom-line. The effort has since moved several phases; starting from employee satisfaction when the question was “how much do I like things here” to employee commitment and engagement and now to Employee marketplace or EMP 4.0. EMP 4.0 simply asks the question: “am I enabled to put in my best effort at work?. EMP is therefore seeks to harness the benefits of the talent economy which is mobile and interconnected.

There are three immediate steps to achieve that: the first is to organize employees into different groups along their preferred cause-related goals. The second is to get them to commit to specific project delivery. The third is to scale their ideas to an enterprise value-enabling solutions to key problem(s) or creating game-changing value within the organization 

No. EMP is an advocacy platform designed to stimulate informed conversations on workplace millennials in the era of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The ultimate objective is to promote innovation for the benefit of the organization and employee

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