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Why your Vision 20-20 digital transformation Strategy May not Work (Part 2)

There is no doubt that organizational conversations around everything digital have assumed feverish pitch in many organizations especially the large ones dominated largely by millennials.

The traditionalists who have the strong temperament for everything digital have been soaked into the new euphoria that there is a magical end state with a big reveal at which point all wrongs have been righted and everyone becomes digitally smart by the year 20-20.

Come to think of it, in the era of industry 4.0, no company can have the guts to acknowledge publicly that it doesn’t have a digital transformation strategy in place. That will be akin to playing laid- back

Just about two decades ago I recall, it was then fashionable to sign off the value proposition of every bank as being online, real-time.

A few of the new entrants who came in then I recall even with less than 50 branches could easily seek to upstage the bigger incumbents by simply bragging that “we are located across many cities in the country offering online real-time services to our teeming customers”

Now enter the era of the digital, when you can now use digital devices to summon a taxi to come to pick you up, or simply order meals and indeed actually mix, match and garnish the menu you desire.

In my ongoing research on employee engagement in the workplace, Digital transformation has sprung up more frequently like Norton virus in computer devices.

My research theme called Employee marketplace has sought to critically explore the employee component of transforming organizations to become digital. My key concern is how much employees can leverage the technology solution to drive open innovation. This is against the more popular ‘cool techie’ approach of how to outcompete and win in the market using technology.

The immediate difference in the two similar cases is that in the former you need to empower talents with knowledge and provide the right environment to explore digital opportunities for the business, whilst in the later, you simply need to invest in the latest technology to win the market today and as they say, ‘win today

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Grab your free PDF copy of Employee Marketplace

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